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About 5 Star Support

5 Star Support is an award winning computer support site that was launched in March of 2000 and was originally intended to be a small venture of one person helping computer users in need of free computer support. A few months after it launched, people showed an interest in becoming part of this unique endeavor, so it was opened up to the public. 5 Star Support has grown to be a monstrous undertaking with hundreds of pages of support information containing thousands of tips, tricks & tutorials. All of this we have provided for FREE!

5 Star Support is a constant work in progress. Countless hours of research and site development continue to go into making this. Carefully selected content is constantly being added to help users quickly find answers to their problems. 5 Star Support is funded by the use of advertisement revenue.

On behalf of the staff here at 5 Star Support, let me say that we are all truly honored by all of our loyal visitors trust in us over the years. With your support, we hope to continue with our mission for many years to come! Thank you!

If you have any comments, feedback or questions about 5 Star Support, please contact us at:

admin [no spam] @

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