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Computer Acronym Definitions Letter D


An acronym is an abbreviation of the first letters of a phrase or the long name of an organization that forms a word or conveys a message. In electronic communication or online documents, acronyms are used as writing shorthand or a method to communicate humor. Below, you will find an alphabetical listing for hundreds of computer related acronyms. 



D-RDRAM - Direct Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
D3D - Direct 3D
DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting
DAC - Digital/Analog Converter
DAME - Dark Avenger Mutation Engine
DAO - Disk At Once
DASD - Direct Access Storage Device
DAT - Digital Audio Tape
DBB - Dynamic Bass Boost
DBD - Data Base Driver
DBF - DataBase File
DBI - Dynamic Bus Inversion
DBI - Data Base Interface
DBR - DOS Boot Record
DC - Direct Current
DC - Dual Channel
DCC - Digital Compact Cassette
DCC - Digital Content Creation
DCC - Direct-Client-to-Client
DCC - Display Communication Channel
DCD - Data Carrier Detect
DCE - Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
DCE - Data Communications Equipment
DCF - Design rule for Camera Filesystem
DCI - Direct Control Interface
DCI - Display Control Interface
DCMA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act
DCOM - Distributed Component Object Model
DCR - Digital Colour Restoration
DCT - Discrete Cosine Transform
DD - Double Density
DDA - Digital Differential Analyzer
DDB - Device Dependent Bitmap
DDC - Display Data Channel
DDC/CI - Display Data Channel Command Interface
DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange
DDK - Device Driver Kit
DDK - Driver Development Kit
DDMA - Distributed Direct Memory Access
DDML - Document Definition Markup Language
DDNS - Dual Dynamic Noise Suppresser
DDNS - Dynamic Domain Name Service
DDO - Dynamic Drive Overlay
DDP - Datagram Delivery Protocol
DDR - Double Data Rate
DDS - Digital Data Storage
DECTRA - DECca Track and RAnge
DELRAC - DEcca Long Range Area Coverage
DEC - Digital Equipment Corporation
DECT - Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DEP - Data Execution Prevention
DES - Data Encryption Standard
DFS - Distributed File System
DFC - Dynamic Feedback Circuit
DFC - Dynamic Focus Circuit
DFP - Digital Flat Panel
DFT - Discrete Fourier Transformation
DGP - Dissimilar Gateway Protocol
DGPS - Differential Global Positioning System
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIAC - DIode Alternate Current switch
DIB - Device Independent Bitmap
DIB - Dual Independent Bus
DIGIC - DIGital Imaging Core
DIL - Dual In-line Package
DIME - DIrect Memory Execute
DIMM - Dual In-Line Memory Module
DIP - Dual In-line Package
DIT - Directory Information Tree
DIX - DEC-Intel-Xerox
DJGPP - DJ delorie GNU C++ compiler
DKI - Dynamic Keyword Insertion
DLL - Dynamic Link Library
DLP - Digital Light Processing
DSL - Data Link Service
DLS - Digital Loop Service 
DLS - Distributed Link Services
DLS - Directory Location Service
DLS - DownLoadable Sounds
DLS - Dynamic Load Sharing
DLT - Digital Linear Tape
DMA - Direct Memory Access
DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act
DMD - Digital Micromirror Device
DME - Distance-Measuring Equipment
DMI - Desktop Management Interface
DMM - Diamond MultiMedia
DMOS - Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DMS - Document Management System
DMT - Discrete Monitor Timings
DMTF - Desktop Management Task Force
DMU - Digital Mock-Up
DN - DOS Navigator
DNA - Distributed interNet Architecture
DNR - Digital Noise Reduction
DNS - Domain Name Server
DOCSIS - Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DOS - Disk Operating System
DOW - Direct OverWrite
DPCM - Differential Pulse Code Modulation
DPI - Dots Per Inch
DPMI - Dos Protected Mode Interface
DPMS - Display Power Management System
DPMS - Dos Protected Mode Services
DPOF - Digital Print Order Format
DPS - Digital Processing Systems
DRA - Data Recovery Agent
DRAM - Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRAW - Direct Read After Write
DS - Double Side
DSAM - Data Set Access Method
DSC - Digital Sound Control
DSD - Document Structure Description
DSM - Directory Service Migration
DSN - Deep Space Network
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
DSP - Display Systems Protocol
DSR - Data Set Ready
DSS - Digital Signature Standard
DSSSL - Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
DSSSL - Document Style and Semantics Specification Language
DT4DTD - Data Types For DTD
DTA - Dave's Targa Animator
DTA - Disk Transfer Area
DTA - Dynamic Traffic Assignment 
DTC - Distributed Transaction Coordinator
DTCP - Digital Transmission Content Protection
DTE - Data Terminal Equipment
DtFT - Discrete-time Fourier Transformation
DTL - Digital Tape Library
DTL - Diode-Transistor Logic
DTP - DeskTop Publishing
DTR - Data Terminal Ready
DTS - Digital Theatre System
DUN - Dial-Up Networking
DV - Digital Video
DVB-C Digital Video Broadcasting-Cable
DVB-TS Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite
DVB-T Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial
DVI - Digital Video Interactive
DVD - Digital Video (Versatile) Disc
DWANGO - Dial-up Wide Area Network Gaming Organization
DWM - Desktop Windows Manager
DXF - autocad Drawing eXchange Format
DXR - Dynamic eXtension Resolution

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