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Computer Acronym Definitions Letter E


An acronym is an abbreviation of the first letters of a phrase or the long name of an organization that forms a word or conveys a message. In electronic communication or online documents, acronyms are used as writing shorthand or a method to communicate humor. Below, you will find an alphabetical listing for hundreds of computer related acronyms. 



E-DDC - Enhanced Extended Display Data Channel
E-EDID - Enhanced Extended Display Identification Data standard
E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo
EAGLE - Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor
EAN - European Article Numbering
EAROM - Electrically Alternate Programmable Read Only Memory
EAX - Environmental Audio eXtension
EBCDIC - Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
ECC - Error Checking and Correction
ECC - Error Correction Code
ECD - Enhanced Color Display
ECP - Enhanced Capability Port
ECMA - European Computer Manufacturers Association
ECSS - European Communication Satellite System
ECU - European Currency Unit
ECU - EISA Configuration Utility
ED - Extra Density
EDA - Electronic Design Automation
EDC - Error Detection Code
EDES - Expanded Data Encryption Standard
EDGE - Enhanced Data rate for Global Evolution
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
EDID - Extended Display Identification Data
EDIP - Electronic Document Image Processing
EDORAM - Extended Data Output Random Access Memory
EDP - Electronic Data Processing
EDPT - Enhanced Drive Parameter Table
EEG - ElektroEncefaloGraf
EEMS - Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification
EEPROM - Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory
EER - Equal Error Rate
EFM - Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation
EFS - Encrypting File System
EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer
EGA - Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGP - Exterior Gateway Protocol
EIA - Electronic Industry Association
EIDE - Enhanced Integrated Device Electronic
EIR - Equipment Identity Register
EIS - Executive Information Systems
EISA - European Imaging and Sound Association
EISA - Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EJB - Enterprise JavaBean
ELD - Electronic License Distribution
ELF - Executable and Linking Format
ELF - Extra Low Frequency
ELSI - Extreme Large Scale Integration
EMA - Enterprise Memory Architecture
EMD - External Memory Drive
EMI - ElectroMagnetic Interference
EMINENT - Expert Meeting of International and National Educational NeTworks
EMM - Expanded Memory Manager
EMP - Emergency Management Port
EMR - Electro Mechanical Relay
EMS - Expanded Memory Specification
ENIAC - Electronic Numerator, Integrator, Analyzer and Calculator
EOF - End Of File
EON - Enhanced Other Network
EOS - Equation Operating System
EOT - End Of Transmission
EP - Enterprise Portal
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPIC -Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
EPICenter - Electronic Photography and Imaging Center
EPP - Enhanced Parallel Port
EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS - Encapsulated PostScript
ERMES - Enhanced Radio MEssage System
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
ESA - Electronic Shock Absorption
ESC - ESCape
ESD - Electronic Software Distribution
ESD - ElectroStatic Discharge
ESDI - Enhanced Small Device Interface
ESDRAM - Enhanced Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
ESMA - Extended Server Memory Architecture
ESP - Encapsulated Security Payload
ETHERIP - ETHERnet-within-IP encapsulation
ETSI - European Technical Standards Institute
EU - Execution Unit
EULA - End User License Agreement
EVC - Enhanced Video Connector
EVD - Enhanced Versatile Disc

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