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Computer Acronym Definitions Letter F


An acronym is an abbreviation of the first letters of a phrase or the long name of an organization that forms a word or conveys a message. In electronic communication or online documents, acronyms are used as writing shorthand or a method to communicate humor. Below, you will find an alphabetical listing for hundreds of computer related acronyms. 



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FAR - False Acceptance Rate
FAT - File Allocation Table
FC-AL - Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop
FCB - File Control Block
FCC - Federal Communications Commission
FCP - Firewall Control Protocol
FCPGA - Flip Chip Pin Grid Array
FCS - Fibre Channel Standard
FDC - Floppy Disk Controller
FDD - Floppy Disk Drive
FDD - Frequency Division Duplex
FDDI - Fibre Distributed Data Interface
FE/TE Focus Error/Tracking Error
FED - Field Emission Display
FET - Field Effected transistor
FF - Form Feed
FFD - Free Form Deformation
FFP - Free Form Prism
FFT - Fast Fourier Transformation
FHSS - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
FIFO - First In-First Out
FIPS - First nondestructive Interactive Partition Splitting
FIR - Fast serial InfraRed
FIR - Finite Impulse Response
FIRE - Flexible Routing Engine
Flash EPROM - Flash Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
FM - Frequency Modulation
FMD - Fluorescent Multilayer Disc
FNC - Federal Network Council
ForTran - Formula Translator
FPDI - Flat Panel Display Interface
FPGA- Field Programmable Gate Array
FPIC - Field Programmable Integrated Circuits
FPM - Fast Page Mode
FPMPMI - Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Standard
FPS - Frames Per Second
FPROT - File PROTect
FPU - Floating-Point Unit
FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name
FRR - False Rejection Rate
FRS - File Replication Service
FSAA - Full Scene Anti-Aliasing
FSB - Front Side Bus
FSF - Free Software Foundation
FSK - Frequency Shift Keying
FSMO - Flexible Single Master Operation
FTD - Fluorescent Tube Display
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FTS - Favorite Track Selection
FWA - Fixed Wireless Access
FWH - FirmWare Hub

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