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Computer Acronym Definitions


An acronym is an abbreviation of the first letters of a phrase or the long name of an organization that forms a word or conveys a message. In electronic communication or online documents, acronyms are used as writing shorthand or a method to communicate humor. Below, you will find an alphabetical listing for hundreds of computer related acronyms. 



V7 - VideoSeven
VAD - Voice Activity Detector
VAFC - VESA Advanced Feature Connector
VAG - Vrlm Architecture Group
VAN - Value Added Network
VAP - Voice Applications Partner
VBA - Visual Basic for Application
VBE - VESA BIOS Extension
VBE/AF - VESA BIOS Extension/Accelerated Features
VBE/PM - VESA BIOS Extension/Power Management
VBE/SCI - VESA BIOS Extension/Serial Control Interface
VBRUN - Visual Basic RUNtime library
VCE - Variable Content Encoding
VCI - Video Cursor Interface
VCL - Virus Construction Laboratory
VCL - Visual Component Library
VCPI - Virtual Control Program Interface
VCQ - Vibrant Color Quality
VC SDRAM - Virtual Channel Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
VDA - Video Display Adapter
VDIF - VESA Display Information File
VDM - Virtual DOS Machine
VDS - Virtual DMA Specification
VDT - Video Display Terminal
VESA - Video Electronics Standard Association
VFAT - Virtual File Allocation Table
VFD - Video For DOS
VFM - Variable Frequency Monitor
VFP - Visual FoxPro
VFS - Virtual File System
VFW - Video For Windows
VGA - Video Graphics Array
VHF - Very High Frequency
VHS - Video Home System
VI - VIsual editor
VIAD - VESA Image Area Definition
VIM - Vendor Independent Messaging
VIM - Visual editor IMproved
VIS - Visual Instruction Set
VISS - VHS Index Search System
VIVO - Video In/Video Out
VLAN - Virtual Local Area Network
VLB - VESA Local Bus
VLF - Very Low-Frequency emission
VLM - Very Large Memory
VLM - Vibrant Loadable Module
VLR - Visitor Location Register
VLSI - Very Large Scale Integration
VLT - Virtual LAN Trunking
VMB - Virtual Machine Boot
VMC - VESA Media Channel
VML - Vector Markup Language
VMM - Virtual Machine Manager
VMS - Virtual Memory System
VMSS - Virtual Motion Sound System
VODER - Voice Operating DEmonstratoR
VOIP - Voice Over IP
VOL - Video On Line
VP&D - VESA Plug and Display
VPN - Virtual Private Networking
VPS - Video Programming System
VR - Virtual Reality
VRAM - Video Random Access Memory
VRM - Voltage Regulator Modules
VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal
VTR - Video Tape Recorder
VUMA - VESA Unified Memory Architecture
VVSS - VESA Video Signal Standard

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