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Computer Acronym Definitions Letters XYZ


An acronym is an abbreviation of the first letters of a phrase or the long name of an organization that forms a word or conveys a message. In electronic communication or online documents, acronyms are used as writing shorthand or a method to communicate humor. Below, you will find an alphabetical listing for hundreds of computer related acronyms. 



XBDA - Extended BIOS Data Area
XDI - External Device Interface
XDR - XML-Data Reduced
XGA - eXtended Graphics Array
XMI - XML Metadata Interchange
XML - eXtensible Markup Language
XMS - eXtended Memory Specification
XOSL - Extended Operating System Loader
XQL - XML Query Language
XSL - eXtensible Stylesheet Language
XT - eXtended Technology
XVGA - eXtended Video Graphics Array
Y2K - Year 2-Kilo
YACC - Yet Another C Compiler
YAPS - Yet Another Port Scanner
YOU - YAST Online Update
YP - Yellow Pages
YPS - Yellow Pages Service
ZAK - Zero Administration Kit
ZAW - Zero Administration for Windows
ZBR - Zone Bit Recording
ZEN - Zero Effort Networking
ZIF - Zero Insert Force
ZIP - Zig-zag In-line Package
ZLE - Zero Latency Enterprise
ZSERV - Zebra SERVer

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