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What people are saying...

"A million and one thanks for kind assistance, and for what I believe to be sound advice. I must say that they make much more sense than the various solutions offered by the assorted manufacturers."  
-Larry M. Silver
Lake Worth, FL

"I had given up hope until a friend suggested I contact your site. The information provided a perfect fix. Many many thanks!"
-Rita Schumacher
Memphis, Tennessee

"Dear Sir, thank you very much for the help with the Add & Remove Programs.  Using regedit worked great. I have been asking people about this for a long time with no answers. Your very good!!! Keep up the good work and thanks again."

"Your advice worked - but not only that, I was introduced to this fantastic web site. Many thanks for your kind assistance." 
Jerry Chance

"Your answer was spot on. Thanks for your help and prompt response. I'm impressed."
Colin Gordon
Database Administrator
Anchor Trust, Oxford

"I just want to thank you for this VERY ATTRACTIVE and very user friendly site." 
Elaine Leikhim

"You were one of about 15 posts and emails I sent out at the same time. Your suggestions were clearly the best. This problem has been going on for a very long time.  I really appreciate your help, thank you!"
Brad Kirkpatrick

"Thank you for a brilliant service. I'm just in the process of e-mailing this link to ten of my friends. Again many thanks."
Wayne Peacock

"Great site- however much you are being paid, it is not enough!"
Matt Wilson

"5 Star Support deserves every star it has for not only your help but for the VERY quick period of time in which you responded. You are a valuable resource that I will recommend to others, best of luck and Thank you."
Dave Seguin

"You guys are something else! I have told several others about the service and answers I have received at your site. 

-Gene Aeschlimann

"Thank you so much for the efforts you and your staff have supplied. I applaud your skill, efficiency and response with good answers. GREAT SERVICE !!!!!!!"
London, Ontario, Canada

"I would like to say thank you very much for your help. What would we do without you computer helpers?"

"I want to thank 5 Star Support for their terrific web site and all the staff that supports them. Thanks a lot ya'll !!"

"I had emails with suggestions within an hour and everyone was very friendly and helpful. I have this site Bookmarked!"
-Gregg Conover
North Carolina

"It was the first time I have tried your Tech Support and I really appreciate the quick response time.  I've never gotten that from anyone else."
-Debbie Woody

"Sincere thanks for your prompt help. I was up and running in around two hours!"
-Roy - Australia

"...this site is by far the most helpful I've found so far - It's practical interactive help - and the price is right !!.... Thanks Again"
-Floyd Frick

"It was more than the 3 people that solved my problem. You all have a really good team. Thank you. I really appreciate your help."
-Mary Jo Dee

"I have visited your site many times just to look around. But, when I really needed help you guys came through."

"The Tech that helped me..Fred helped me with numerous problems. He even taught this puter dummie a few things in the process. He was fast on responses to all my questions and his explanations were easy to follow and understand..In one word this sight and Fred are "GREAT". I would like to thank this sight and him very very much. 
Once Again Thanks Fred!"

"This support service is phenomenal - just found you today and am most appreciative - will be sending a small donation (senior citizen on fixed income or it would be larger) Again, thank you all!"
-Ruth Foster

"As one grows, one sometimes becomes *too* large.  Take the difference between you and Microsoft Support.  They are so large it's...hmmm, cumbersome? navigate through all the possibilities.  Thank you for being small.  I have already referred three friends to you , and I now go regularly to your bookmarked pages."

"I think you do a fine job by providing good support to people on a free basis . There should be more services as considerate as yours!"
John Blagg

"I'm impressed with the quality work you guys have going here, I've had this problem for some time now and this site was the last I e-mailed asking for help, and the first to receive assistance, not to mention within only a few hours, and on Christmas eve non the less."
-Todd Mckernan

"I've used 5Starsupport a few times. Most impressed is the speed of reply from tech(s), even during holiday time. And most of the time there have been at least more than 3 techs reply. Solutions & advices offered have been very good that helped me move on with richer knowledge & more confidence and in turn I become more capable to help others."
-Alex Tang
New Zealand

"I just love your site, and have already told several people about it. An extremely valuable venue that is so needed. I am a novice when it comes to computers, so when I found your site I was very impressed, and grateful."
-Sheri Lynn

I received a response within hours of my posting. FIX worked! I am usually able to troubleshoot/fix my own computer problems -- this one had me stumped. Great professional service! Will pass the word to my friends!
Signed - a very happy customer!"

"This was the first time I used your service, and it was the last time I needed to be convinced that it is one of the most important websites out on the web!"

"Not only do I feel your website is worth supporting, but I have sent links to your site to over 30 people and have encouraged them to look, learn and help you stay a free web site."

"I have been helping people with their computer problems for over 5 years, and never have I seen a web site as well put together and as informative as yours. My hat's of to you folks. Keep up the good work."
-Vasilije Konjovic

"This is my second time contacting 5star and I'm still impressed and in awe at the promptness of people's help and knowledge!"

"I think the service was excellent!!! Keep up the excellent work! Thank GOD there are guys like you out there to help us all back to dry land when we've surfed too far out into deadly waters..:)"
-Matthew A Barnett

"This is by far the greatest site to get free tech support when you are in dire need."
-Brent Barnhill

"Your service is excellent. You have a team of wonderful, extremely kind and even funny people working round the clock there. There help is priceless."
-Nilda Cámara

"I have used your site probably 4 times now, and am always completely satisfied, even if my computer problems can't get fixed. Usually they do, but some require an expert to undo old damage. Otherwise, the 'service' is always excellent!!"
-Gwen Lyon

"You were all brilliant and your service all replied before other sites. This is the first time I have used you and have been very pleasantly surprised. Great service! Thanks!!"
-Rob Winearls

"Don't change anything!  This site is perfect, and the responses are perfect.  This is the best computer help site on the internet - hands down."
-Renee Cole

"I would like to take this time to thank you and your team for a wonderful service that you are offering. I it is greatly appreciated. In checking my e-mail, I have up to now received about three e-mails. I take this as a sign of the generous help people offer to others in need."
-Ms. Ginger Snow

"Absolutely perfect!  Thanks for the expedious reply.  I needed a copy of my folders page and site summary page for documentation purposes.  Thanks again for the excellent service and incredibly quick reply."
-Tina Frost

"That was amazing! I got a response within the day with a solution that worked. Plus I learned a little on the way. Thank you so much!"
-Jackie Ozorio

Couldn't ask for more help if I tried. The solution was precise and I was told where to go look and how to get there as well which is great since I am new at this stuff. Thank you so very much.
-Geraldine Pierce

"Personally, I couldn't give your team enough praise! Very quick responses to emails & excellent help & advice. Thank you again. Great service!!"
-Robert Smith

"I am very please as to the help and support I received. I do not see any problems on how I was helped. Everything was very clear as to what I needed to do. To improve.... Give ALL the techs a at-a-boy... All was very good...I will pass this site on to others who are having problems with their computers. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.."

"You replied straight away, were courteous and helpful and you offered hope after so long of trying it on my own. I'm impressed and have bookmarked the site should I need it in the future."
-John Griffiths

"I don't think there's much you could do to improve I was very satisfied when I got my email so quickly other programs make you wait at least 2 business days I had my answers the next morning thank you so much! I will be using this program more!!!"
-Becki Baker

"There couldn't be any improvement.  Easy to use, fast response, detailed instructions.  Thank you for offering the service!"
Jean Nictakis

"Excellent service. The service enables various opinions, ideas and inspirations that ultimately yield solutions, especially with a 'abstract' problem like mine where there was no specific error code."

"I am very thankful that you are there to rescue us novices that would have never figured it out without the patience and expertise of your extremely knowledgeable technicians."
Robert Aguiar

"I have used your site numerous times and every time it has answered my questions, so i just wanted to say thanks a lot and your site is very informative and is a great service. Not only did you respond to me but two others as well all within 2 days, so that is great. Thanks again."
Sean Edwards

"You guys are great!!!!  The download solved my problem and everything is running great now!  Thank you very, very much.  I will definitely use your site again and I will refer you to everyone I know."
Roxanne Lavin

"Thank you so much for the support I received it saved me time and more importantly money!"

"Your service need not to be improved. 4 technicians proposed their services a few hours after I sent my question! Excellent!!"
-Joseph Levy

"Thanks to your great service, my life is right again!  Thank you so very much!  I'm so happy I stumbled upon your website!  Keep up the great work!!"

"You guys rock!!! thanks so much"
-Sherry Steele

"Thanks heaps for all the great help and links! Pc is working fine now. Have had at least a dozen responses from 5 star support - got none from others!"

"All suggestions received were great! I just started with the easiest first. Since it worked I didn't need to go any further. Thx so much for the help and the very fast response!!"
-Paula McCollum

"I received 3 responses in 8 hours.  One response asked for more information, and the other two immediately identified the RAM problem.  The advice was easy to follow, and back-up solutions were provided in case the RAM was not the problem.  The service was excellent and I plan to give a donation to help this wonderful service."

"Keep up the good work.  I sent in my query on Sunday afternoon, by the time I got up on Monday, the answer was in my inbox."
-John L. Jones

"excellent service would recommend to anyone seeking assistance. and it's free"
-Norman Whitworth

"I don't know anyway my service could have been any better other than the tech coming to my house and doing the work himself.  The service was above and beyond what I expected.  Michal hung in there with me for 3 days, taking me through every process step by step until we solved the problem.  Thanks"
-Robert Pitts

"I would like to thank you guys for the rapid response and all the suggestions.  It was a lot faster & lot easier than wading through the microsoft site or paying a Dell guy somewhere in India to fix it."
Ralph L. Reitenbach

"I was really impressed with the response and possible solutions.  I want to thank everyone who responded to my dilemma.  You all were great!"
-Angela Russo

"I am so VERY impressed with the help I received! You guys are WONDERFUL!!!!! You are Life Savers! Thank you so much :)"
-Laura Miller

"Many thanks for putting my problem out to your tech wizards - I've had about 5 replies and they all point me in a similar direction, so tonight I'm going to don my NBC suit and dive in to my girlfriend's PC and see whether I can sort it out with their help - or whether I just end up glowing in the dark! LOL.
I much appreciate the existence of your service (whatever the outcome of tonight's experiments may bring(!) ) and I shall recommend you to all my PC friends and urge them all to do as I did, and send you a few dollars to keep it all going!
I will let you know how things went and what cured the problem and I wish you well with what is, in my opinion, a brilliant and much needed service."
-George Buller

"You can't improve your service anymore .... you have mastered everything ... time of response, service, and your solutions. You are truly the best company out there and the smartest also. Thank You so much!"

"As far as I am concerned your service is fantastic and I would not change a thing.  Thanks for helping us less knowledgeable people."



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