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Windows XP Troubleshooting FAQ Home Page

Errors / Missing Files:
  1. I get this error message: Unmountable Boot Volume.
  2. If you get an error that NTLDR is not found during bootup
  3. NTOSKRNL Missing or Corrupt
  4. HAL.DLL Missing or Corrupt
  5. Corrupted or Missing \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG
  6. A file that is required to run search companion cannot be found. You may need to run setup.
  7. How can I recover emptied items from my recycle bin?
  8. The file 'Asms' on Windows XP Professional CD-ROM is needed.
  9. 16 bit Windows Subsystem Error
  10. My system shows I am missing some files, how can I replace them?
  11. Cannot access Add/Remove Window Components in Control Panel
  12. Virtual memory minimum is too low
  13. Not a valid win32 application.
  14. Filenames missing in Explorer
  15. New Hardware Found the device SDDMI2 was found.
  16. Drive Image causes boot error messages
  17. My Search function will no longer work
  18. Reinstall System Restore
  19. Shellcon Hidden Windows Message
  20. I/O device error when trying to use your CD or DVD drive
  21. opxpapp.exe encountered a problem error message
  22. System Restore Troubleshooting

  23. Virtual Memory is Low

  24. Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware

  25. Blank window in system restore

  26. Restore the Show Desktop Quicklaunch Icon

  27. Error message when trying to install TweakUI from Microsoft

  28. Missing Programs in All Programs Menu

  29. Missing Administrative Tools in Start Menu

  30. Files with .exe extension will not open

  31. When running the troubleshooter in Help and Support I receive the following error message; "An ActiveX control on this page is not safe." How can I fix this?

  32. Help and Support link in Start Menu not working

  33. What is the Recovery Console and how can I install it?

  1. Dell Computer Not Keeping Correct Time
  2. Can't access Help and Support center
  3. Search or CMD Opens When Double Clicking a Folder or Drive
  4. Can I use my XP (Home Edition) as a remote computer?
  5. I accidentally deleted my Recycle Bin, how do I restore it?
  6. The Taskbar won't resize
  7. I am not able to empty items from my recycle bin
  8. Single Click to Open Shortcuts
  9. Blank window on desktop
  10. Task Manager Menu Bar and Tabs Are Not Visible
  11. Organize Programs within "All Programs"
  12. All of my windows are upside down
  13. My Computer icon missing from Desktop
  14. Can't Use Welcome Screen
  15. Right click menu gone in taskbar
  16. Desktop icons change to generic icons
  17. My Picture Slide Show
  18. I have too many notification icons in my taskbar
  19. Enable Remote Desktop in Windows XP Home
  20. Unable to change desktop background
  21. How do I change the default user profile?

Startup / Shutdown:

  1. XP Restarts after shutdown
  2. System keeps restarting #1
  3. System keeps restarting #2
  4. My system continually reboots
  5. Disk Checker Runs at Startup
  6. Shutdown and Restart options unavailable
  7. Turn the NumLock Feature Off
  8. System Continually Reboots
  9. Windows XP Random Reboots
  10. Windows XP Will Not Start
  11. Programs running in background
  12. Computer constantly wakes up from suspend mode
  13. I am stuck at the boot options screen
  14. Welcome screen shows new mail message
Security / Updates:
  1. General Virus Prevention
  2. Sasser Worm Infection
  3. Do I need a firewall and is XP's firewall OK?
  4. How much protection is enough?
  5. How do you turn off the XP firewall?
  6. System shuts down after a 60 second countdown
  7. Windows updated and rebooted my computer without my OK.
  8. Is SP2 Safe to Download?
  9. What Are the New SP2 Features?
  10. Access Denied:  Error Message - Windows Update
  11. Can I password Protect certain files and folders?
  12. Can I delete the Hotfix file after updating?
  13. SP2 Display's Different Splash Screen
  14. No devices are listed in Device manager
  15. Anti-Virus For Windows 64 bit
  16. How can I block a web site from being viewed?
  17. Norton keeps disabling my Windows firewall
  18. Can't Find Windows XP SP2 Update
  19. Update from Microsoft via email?
  20. DLLuser32.dll Error Message


  1. What's the difference between Windows XP Home and Professional editions? 
  2. Can't save .Gif or Jpeg files when right clicked.
  3. How can I retrieve my XP Product Key?
  4. How can I change my drive letter?
  5. Why won't 16-bit programs install on a computer running the 64-bit version of Windows XP?
  6. How to remove XP Home Edition
  7. Cleaning out Windows Registry
  8. How do I backup the Windows Registry?
  9. Missing System Restore Tab
  10. Intermittent Black Screen on Laptop
  11. How would I access DOS in Windows XP SP2?
  12. Does Linksys slow down XP?
  13. Remote Desktop Connection Missing in Programs
  14. Upgrade XP Home to XP Pro?
  15. What is the easiest way to set a restore point?
  16. "Show window contents while dragging" does not work
  17. How to replace lost, broken, or missing Microsoft software or hardware
  18. How can I turn off the balloon tip notifications?
  19. Use Date/Time Stamp in Notepad
  20. Making Private Folders Not Private
  21. Adding Destinations To Save As Box
  22. Assigning Hotkeys to Launch Applications
  23. Website Images Fuzzy
  24. Run Windows XP from a DVD?
  25. Unable to install Windows XP
  26. Delay in viewing shared files
  27. Remove Task Pane in Folder Options
  28. Windows XP no longer communicates with printer
  29. Monitor Blacks Out
  30. Unable to send HTML forms
  31. Right click menu is gone in Start Menu
  32. All Programs Menu Font
  33. Logging in to multiple domains
  34. How can I tell if I have the 'Corporate' version installed?
  35. Identify Processes in Svchost.exe
  36. Images will not rotate in thumbnail view
  37. Remove unwanted items in the Open With menu
  38. Dialup connection window launches randomly
  39. Remove invalid program entries in Add/Remove Programs
  40. Windows XP will not remember folder setting
  41. The tabs are missing from the Task Manager
  42. The search window opens when browsing folders in Windows Explorer
  43. No text displayed in Help and Support center index
  44. XP Shutdown Menu Format Changed
  45. Should I use NTFS or FAT32?
  46. How can I change the drive letter assignment?
  47. Can I move my Windows XP installation to a new computer?
  48. Warn before deleting option is not working
Hardware / Software:
  1. How do I format my hard drive under WinXP?
  2. Restoring Access to CD-ROMs
  3. Passwords not saved in Outlook/Outlook Express.
  4. How do I copy my music CD to my computer?
  5. I Can't copy pictures to a CD anymore.
  6. How can I remove Windows Messenger from XP?
  7. After installing my wireless mouse, the screen saver won't start

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