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Glossary of Internet and Computer Terms


Below, you will find a comprehensive glossary of Internet and Computer terms with definitions that are helpful and easy to understand. To find a term, click the letter of which the word begins with and scroll alphabetically to find your term. For example, to find the definition for the word "Media", click the letter "M", then scroll the list alphabetically until you find "Media".




  • X2:
    A technology developed by U.S. Robotics (now 3COM) for delivering data rates up to 56 Kbps over plain old telephone service (POTS). It was long believed that the maximum data transmission rate over copper telephone wires was 33.6 Kbps, but X2 achieves higher rates by taking advantage of the fact that most phone switching stations are connected by high-speed digital lines. X2 bypasses the normal digital-to-analog conversion and sends the digital data over the telephone wires directly to your modem where it is decoded.
  • XML: (eXtensible Markup Language) 
    Like HTML, XML is a markup language, but unlike HTML, it is not limited to Web documents. XML lets Web developers and designers create customized tags that offer greater flexibility in organizing and presenting information than is possible with the older HTML document coding system. 
  • XMS:
    Stands for Extended Memory Specification, a procedure developed jointly by AST Research, Intel Corporation, Lotus Development, and Microsoft Corporation, for using extended memory and DOSís high memory area, a 64K block just above 1MB.
  • XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language):
    A formatting language standard that defines how the data fields in a XML document will be viewed by a browser.
  • ZIF Socket
    Zero Insertion Force socket. A special socket for plugging in integrated circuits easily. The socket can be opened with a small lever or screw; the chip is dropped in, then the socket is closed.
  • ZIP:
    Stands for Zone Information Protocol. This is an application that allows for the compression of application files.
  • Zune:
    "The Zune Experience". This is Microsoft's digital music entertainment platform. The whole experience is centered around "connectivity". Connection with your music library, friends, family and to other connected devices. This 30GB digital media player features wireless technology, a built in FM tuner and 3 inch screen. The device offers many ways in which you are able to customize your Zune Experience. You can create playlists, play home made music, share pictures and music between friends and with other Zune devices. Zune will also offer many accessories to enhance the experience such as:
  • Zune Car Pack:
    Has a built in FM transmitter with AutoSeek and a car charger.
  • Zune Home A/V pack:
    Has a AV output cable, Dock, sync cable, AC adapter and wireless remote for Zune Dock.
  • Zune Travel Pack:
    Has premium ear phones, dual connect remote, gear bag, sync cable and a AC adapter.
    For more information, visit here:  

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