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Computer Acronym Definitions


An acronym is an abbreviation of the first letters of a phrase or the long name of an organization that forms a word or conveys a message. In electronic communication or online documents, acronyms are used as writing shorthand or a method to communicate humor. Below, you will find an alphabetical listing for hundreds of computer related acronyms. 


3D - 3rd Dimension
3D - three Dimensional
3PC - 3rd Party Connect protocol


A3D - Aureal 3D
AA - Auto Answer (modem)
AAI - Air to Air Interface
AAM - Automatic Acoustic Management
AAMQR - Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording
ABIOS - Advanced Basic Input Output System
ABP - Alternating Bit Protocol
ABS - Anti-Block System
AC - Alternating Current
AC'97 - Audio Codec '97
ACD - Automatic Call Distribution
ACE - Audio Card Enhancer
ACE - Access Control Entries
ACI - Automatic Channel Installation
ACIS - Alan-Chris-Ian-Spatial
ACK - ACKnowledged
ACL - Access Control List
ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
ACPI - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACT - Arithmetic, Control and Timing
ACTS - Automated Coin Toll System
ADO - ActiveX Data Object
ADPCM - Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADSI - Active Directory Service Interfaces
ADSL - Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
AEA - American Electronics Association
AEC - Availability Environment Classification
AES - Advanced Encryption Standard
AEX - Audio Environmental eXtension
AF - AutoFocus
AFC - Automatic Frequency Control
AFIS - Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFTD - American Foreing Trade Definitions
AGM - Alternate Graphics Mode
AGP - Advanced (Accelerated) Graphics Port
AGRAS - Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflection, Anti-Static
AGTL - Assisted Gunning Transceiver Logic
AH - Authentication Header
AIAF - Artificial Intelligence Auto Focus
AICT - Association Internationale des Critiques de Théatre
AIMM - AGP Inline Memory Module
AIN - Advanced Intelligent Network
AIT - Advanced Intelligent Tape
AITA - Association Internationale du Théatre Amateur
ALI - Acer Labs Inc.
ALGOL - ALGOrithmic Language
ALU - Aritmetic-Logical Unit
AM - Amplitude Modulation
AMA - Automatic Message Accounting
AMBA - Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture
AMC - ATI Multimedia Channel
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices
AMD - Autodesk Mechanical Desktop
AMDC - Advanced Monitor Deflection Control
AMI - Access Method Inc.
AMI - Alternative Mark Inversion
AMI - American Megatrends Inc.
AML - ACPI Machine Language
AMR - Anisotropic MagnetoResistive
AMR - Audio/Modem Riser
ANAC - Automated Number Announcement Circuit
ANI - Automatic Number Identification
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
AOC - Admiral Overseas Corporation
AOL - America On-Line
AOS - Algebraic Operating System
AP - Access Point
APC - American Power Conversion
APCUG - Association of PC User Groups
APA - All Pixel Address
API - Application Programming Interface
APIC - Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
APM - Advanced Power Management
APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling
ARCNet - Attached Resource Computer Network
ARLL - Advanced Run Length Limited
ARNS - A Remote Network Server system
ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork
ART - Advanced Resolution Technology
ASA - American Standards Association
ASAP - Accelerated Service Advertising Protocol
ASB - Advanced System Bus
ASC - Auto Size & Center
ASCC - Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAN - Association of South East Asian Nations
ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuits
ASK - Amplitude Shift Keying
ASL - ACPI Source Language
ASM - ASseMbly language
ASP - Active Server Pages
ASP - Application Service Providing
ASPI - Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
AT - Advanced Technology
AT-RMP - AppleTalk Routing Maintenance Protocol
AT-NBP - AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol
AT-ZIS - AppleTalk Zone Information System
ATA - AT Attachment
ATAPI - AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATDP - ATention Dial Pulse
ATDT - ATention Dial Tone
ATF - Automatic Track Following
ATIP - Absolute Time In Pregroove
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM - Adobe Type Manager
ATVEF - Advanced TV Enhancement Forum
AUI - Attachment Unit Interface
AURP - Appletalk Update-based Routing Protocol
AVI - Audio Video Interleave
AVL - Automatic Volume Leveler
AVS - Address Verification Service
AVS - Adult Verification System
AWADVS - Alias/Wavefront ADvanced ViSualizer
AWG - American Wire Gauge
AXP - Animated stand-in object eXternal Process

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