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  1. Icon Spacing on Taskbar
  2. View Thumbnails In Folder Window
  3. Display the QuickLaunch Toolbar
  4. Ungroup Taskbar Items In Windows XP
  5. Display a Photo on your Desktop
  6. Installing Wallpaper on the PC
  7. Transparent Desktop Icons
  8. Tool Tips will not display on Taskbar
  9. Change Title Bar Colors
  10. Remove Unwanted Hidden Programs
  11. Using ClearType Method
  12. Using Favorites in Windows XP Help
  13. Display the Quick Launch Bar
  14. Making text transparent on desktop icons
  15. Hide Inactive Icons
  16. Turn any folder into a taskbar toolbar
  17. Cleanup Your Desktop
  18. Windows XP Desktop Themes
  19. Add Familiar Icons back to your desktop
  20. Create invisible titles for desktop icons
  21. Create your own desktop theme
  22. Add Toolbars on the Windows XP Desktop
  23. Use your digital photos as Windows XP screensavers
  24. Create a Personal Screensaver
  25. Working with Windows XP Taskbar
  26. Positioning your Wallpaper image
  27. Change Your Desktop Appearance
  28. Place a custom popup menu on your taskbar
  29. Create a Shortcut That Starts Remote Desktop


  1. Perform a ScanDisk in XP
  2. Speed up the Start Menu
  3. Feel the need for speed?
  4. Disable Notification Balloon Tips
  5. Programs Running at System Startup
  6. Clearing Pagefile on Shutdown
  7. Configuring the Firewall for your Network Connection
  8. Enable/Disable Error Reporting
  9. Disable Windows Messenger
  10. Uninstall Windows Messenger
  11. End Non-Responsive Tasks
  12. Disabling the Indexing Service
  13. XP Services
  14. Display Configurations
  15. Increasing the Folder Cache
  16. Watch your cookies
  17. Increase DSL Speed 
  18. Speed up Windows XP
  19. Making XP as Stabile as Possible
  20. Home Edition Back Up
  21. Accessing Scan Disk
  22. XP Performance Tweak
  23. Enable DMA Mode for DVD writer
  24. Turn off system restore
  25. Enable or Disable Boot Defrag
  26. Common Control Panel Applets
  27. Create a System Restore point
  28. Clear all restore points except recent one
  29. Remove Unwanted Entries in Startup (MSCONFIG)
  30. Adjust Browser Cache
  31. System Restore Setting
  32. Free Up Disk Space
  33. Schedule Windows XP Maintenance Tasks
  34. Improve Windows XP Menu Response and Shutdown Speeds
  35. Disable unneeded devices in Device Manager
  36. Monitor System Performance
  37. Disk Cleanup Utility Hangs
  38. Cleaning out Windows Registry
  39. Disable certain services
  40. Disable the Indexing Service
  41. Driver Rollback Feature
  42. What happened to ScanDisk?
  43. Clear Corrupt Event Log Files
  44. TweakUI PowerToy for Windows XP
  45. Move the Page File to a different partition
  46. Speed up the Start Menu
  47. Windows Search Disk Indexing Service

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