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Tips on Page #3
Managing Files and Folders in Windows XP
Windows XP Networking / Internet
Customize Windows XP Interface

  1. Disable XP's splash screen
  2. Display a message on Startup
  3. Disable Net Send Messenger Service
  4. Disabling Hibernation
  5. Creating a Shutdown/Reboot Icon
  6. Shutdown Desktop Icon
  7. Create a Standby desktop Shortcut
  8. Break out of a continuous reboot loop
  9. Stop Windows Messenger
  10. Create an XP Start Disk
  11. Disabling Startup Programs
  12. Power Off at Shutdown
  13. Win XP Won't Completely Shutdown
  14. Add Safe Mode to Boot Menu
  15. Increase Windows Shutdown Time
  16. Auto Logon to Windows XP
  17. Remove the OEM link from the Start Menu
  18. Display Administrative Tools folder in Start menu
  19. Delete invalid entries in MSCONFIG Startup
  20. Change the command prompt startup directory
  1. Automatic Updates
  2. Protecting Your PC
  3. A Virus that won't go away...
  4. How to prevent spyware
  5. Secure your computer from external threats
  6. Manage Your Computer's Security Settings
  7. Content Advisor Password
  1. Rename Multiple Files
  2. Choose Hibernate from Shutdown Dialog
  3. Command a change when dragging files
  4. File names in thumbnail view
  5. Add Details to the 'Arrange icons by' Menu
  6. Create a Folders Thumbnail Image
  7. View more in Windows Explorer
  8. Customize Windows Explorer's Default Folder
  9. Open Windows Explorer from a Command Prompt
  10. Change Windows Explorer's Default Start Folder
  11. Enable "Show hidden files and folders"


  1. Back up the XP registry
  2. DirectX Diagnostic Tool
  3. System Restore Feature
  4. Defrag.exe
  5. Bootcfg
  6. Tasklist.exe
  7. Local Group Policy Editor
  8. Format Hard Drive
  9. Common Command Console Utilities
  10. PowerToys for XP
  11. Windows XP MSCONFIG
  12. Personal Support
  13. Using the "Ping" Command
  14. Low Disk Space Notification
  15. Repair Option on a LAN or High-Speed Connection
  16. Detect and Repairing Disk Errors
  17. Update a Device Driver
  18. Troubleshooting Drivers Using Driver Verifier Manager
  19. Create Password Reset Disk
  20. System Information Tool
  21. Partition Your Hard Disk
  22. Using the System File Checker
  23. Configuring the XP firewall
  24. Reinstall Internet Explorer
  25. Re-Enabling System Restore
  26. System Response
  27. Accessing Safe Mode
  28. Restore Missing Windows Update Link
  29. Driver Rollback
  30. Disable Boot Virus Detection
  31. Password Reset Disk
  32. Repairing IE / OE In Windows XP
  33. Constant Ping to Troubleshoot a Connection
  34. Remove a randomly named Trojan Virus
  35. Installing the Windows XP Recovery Console
  36. View event logs to troubleshoot issues
  37. How to use the Recovery Console
  38. Most Common Reasons for System Crashes
  39. Recover your XP Password
  40. Windows Update Registered Incorrectly
  41. Cannot Create or Replace a File or Folder
  42. CD/DVD Drive Not Detected
  43. XP Pro Won't Completely Shutdown
  44. Game will not install
  45. Fixing Defragmenter problems in Windows XP
  46. Booting to Safe Mode in Windows XP
  47. Error message when you click a Mailto: link
  48. Reinstall System Restore in Windows XP
  49. BIOS Power-On Selt Test (POST) Screen
  50. Disable "Automatic Restart" feature
  51. Muted sound

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