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Tips on Page #4
Windows XP General Tips

  1. Knowing Network Neighborhood
  2. Internet Connection Sharing
  3. Using Remote Desktop
  4. Local Area Network Connection Info Shortcut
  5. Internet Connection Sharing
  6. Enable Printer Sharing
  7. Create a Shortcut to your LAN Information
  8. Off-Line Web Browsing
  1. Shared Documents Folders
  2. Encrypted Files
  3. Enlarge your Thumbnail Images
  4. Change file associations
  5. Saving Files to a CD-RW
  6. Protect your files by using a screen saver password
  7. Clear Page File at Shutdown
  8. Directory size limitations in XP
  9. Erase Files from a CD-RW
  10. Stop seeing Links folder in your Favorites menu
  11. Synchronizing Files
  12. Creating a backup registry file
  13. Clean out "Send To" items
  14. Create a Zip Folder
  15. Folder memory Setting
  16. How to Put an Entire Drive into a Folder in XP
  17. Print a Folders Contents
  18. Rename Start Menu Folders
  19. Selecting Files
  1. Remove "Help and Support" link from XP Start Menu
  2. Adding an item to the Send To menu
  3. Clear unwanted items from the "Open With" list
  4. Adding a special character
  5. Move The Cursor Without A Mouse
  6. Unhide Components in Add/Remove Programs
  7. Brand XP
  8. Turn Off IE Clicking Noise
  9. No to All Option
  10. New Programs Highlight in Start Menu
  11. Turn Off Autoeject
  12. Enable CD burning service
  13. Switch Users without the Welcome screen
  14. Disable password when returning from Standby
  15. Arrange two windows side-by-side
  16. Remove shortcut arrow from desktop icons
  17. Do Not Highlight Newly Installed Programs
  18. Local Group Policy Editor
  19. Keep Favorites At The Top Of Start Menu
  20. Change the Registered Owner information
  21. Launch a program minimized or maximized
  22. Create a customized default user profile
  23. Disable New Programs Installed message
  24. Enable ClearType
  25. Disable Caps Lock
  26. Assign a Keyboard Shortcut
  27. Customize the Windows XP Start Menu
  28. Use your own picture for your User Account
  29. Alphabetize Your All Programs Menu
  30. Remap Your Keyboard
  31. Customize the Start menu
  32. Alphabetize your Start Menu
  33. Change Mouse Pointer Scheme
  34. Quick Date & Time Insert
  35. Pin Items to Start Menu
  36. Change Default Sounds
  37. Turn ToggleKeys On
  38. Expand Control Panel in the Start Menu
  39. Change The Text In The XP Start Button
  40. Windows XP ClickLock Feature
  41. Access your favorite programs fast
  42. Save Custom Colors & Patterns
  43. Rename IE's Title Bar
  44. Installing Fonts
  45. Launch the On-Screen Keyboard
  46. Quickly Close All Windows
  47. Change Your Pointer Scheme
  48. Create a Shortcut to Lock Your System
  49. Classic Start Menu
  50. Full Screen feature

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