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General Windows XP Tips

1. Secure Attention Sequence Title 17. Upgrade Paths
2. Configure Auto Update 18. System Information
3. Cancel A Print Job

19. Saving Space

4. Playing a DVD Movie using WinDVD 20. Monitor USB Bandwidth Usage
5. Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 21. Make a backup copy of your Windows XP Registry
6. Install the NetBEUI Protocol 22. Uninstall Windows Updates
7. Email a picture of your screen 23. Microsoft Narrator
8. Obtain Version Information

24. Reinstall the Windows games

9. Clear AutoComplete Entries from Web Forms

25. Print only selected text from web sites
10. How to tell if SP2 is installed 26. Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows XP

11. Buying a new computer

27. How to login as Administrator
12. Protect your data during a power outage 28. Download PowerToys for Windows XP
13. BIOS Settings 29. Find out what programs are installed
14. Windows Utilities Shortcuts

30. Capture a Windows Screen

15. Store all of your passwords on one secure database 31. Limit Computer's Function

16. Create a Password Reset Disk

32. Easily re-activate your XP installation

17. Using the Windows Key  

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