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August 2000 Issue

Below, find our archived issue of the 5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter.


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5 Star Support August 2000 Newsletter

Dear Subscriber,

We are happy to have you on our mailing list. We hope to provide you
with breaking news, technical information, what's new and what's cool in
the computer industry. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce
our newsletter volunteers:

Tammy Underwood - Microsoft Software
Mary Kronisch - Basic Computing
Lisa Ferguson - Peripherals
Julia Burt - Web Authoring
Vince Underwood - Technical Information and editor

Thank you volunteers for your hard work!


This months articles:

1.Note from the editor
2.Web Authoring (Introduction)
3.Computing Basics (Shopping for a new computer?)
4.News from Microsoft (Internet Explorer 5.5 Privacy Enhancements)
5.This Months Peripheral (The Scanner)
6.Technical Information (MSCONFIG)


Note from the editor:

I received an email from a person that used 5 Star Support to clear up
some low resource issues on their computer. While working in the System
Configuration Utility, the child he was holding on his lap reached down
and smacked the keyboard. The computer went black and booted into DOS
mode. After many reboot attempts to restore Windows, he could not get his
computer out of DOS. This is what is called a "DOS Loop". 5 Star Support
was able to help resolve this problem with a couple DOS commands.
I am telling this story to warn that while in system altering utilities,
one wrong move can cause major problems. Please be careful!

P.S. I am told...the kid still lives. :-)


Web Authoring by J. Burt


Okay, this is my first article for 5 Star Support, and believe me. I have a
lot to learn about my topic, which is Web-Authoring. I know you're
saying. okay, if you don't know anything about it, then why are you writing
about it? Good question. My answer is, like most people who read
newsletters for the latest information available on whatever their chosen
subject is, I'm kind of doing the same thing. Only when I find something
new (and for now, it's all going to be new to me), I intend to share it
with you. This is a terrific opportunity for me to learn something new,
and hopefully bring new and exciting information to you. If there is
something specific you'd like to read about, please email our editor at For this month's helpful hint and because
I've been doing some surfing of my own, if you're a beginner looking to
build your own web page, there are lots of places on the net you can find
what you're looking for, but here are some pretty cool sites to visit. 
For a really good resource on where to find information on tons of
subjects, and more importantly, Web Authoring, check out
Another nice site I found that includes lots information on Web Authoring
Try using as one of the fastest search engines I've found,
to search for your Web Authoring needs.
Thanks in advance for your feedback. Until next month.


Computing Basics by M.Kronisch

Shopping for a new computer?:

In the ever-changing world of technology it can be intimidating when you
decide to purchase a new computer. There are several questions you should
ask yourself before you buy.

How much PC do you really need? What type of things do you want to do with
your computer? It is important to think about the future, not just what
you are doing currently. 
Do you need portability? Laptops are more expensive. 
Do you need a large monitor? 
Do you need a modem? If so, what speed? 
How fast does the CPU/Processor need to be? 
What software will you be using? Again, it is important to think about the
future, not just what you are using at this time. 
Are there programs which you would like to run but can't at this time? 
How much will be needed for future applications? 
How much RAM and Hard Drive is needed for current and future applications? 
Does the software require a video card and/or a sound card? 

These are just a few of the things to consider before you buy. Remember,
there will be a "bigger, better and faster" computer on the market within
six months so your choices now will be an important factor in protecting
your investment. The first rule for buying a computer -- "buy as much
computer as you can afford at the time". You may want to consider leasing
instead of buying. Several of the major computer manufactures are now
offering lease plans to simplify upgrading. 


News from Microsoft by T.Underwood

Internet Explorer 5.5 Privacy Enhancements:

A privacy enhancement to Internet Explorer 5.5 will be available for
download within four weeks (from July 12, 2000). Building on the existing
cookie management features of Internet Explorer 5.5, the new features in
this update will give you a clearer understanding of different types of
cookies and where they originate, as well as an easier way to manage and
delete them. The update will be available within four weeks in the form of
a public beta for Internet Explorer version 5.5. Currently, these features
are being tested in a private beta. Learn more about this update on the
Microsoft PressPass site. 

Download Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet Tools. This is the newest
version of Internet Explorer, with benefits for consumers and developers
alike. You'll enjoy the ability to preview Web pages exactly as they'll
appear when printed with the new Print Preview, and with improved support
for DHTML and CSS, Web architects will appreciate the greater control over
browser appearance and behavior. It's never been easier to get online,
find the information you need, and just do stuff faster. You can also
order Internet Explorer 5.5 on CD.

Find out how Internet Explorer 5.5 will help software developers create
rich, Web-based applications and services faster and easier. Get the scoop
on the Microsoft PressPass site.

*Information provided by Microsoft Corporation


This Months Peripheral by L. Ferguson

The Scanner:

A Scanner accurately reproduces a graphic image. Its function is to
digitise reflected light and convert it into an electronic image. They
scan a picture and put a high-quality replica of it into your computer so
that you can work with it or transmit it as data. 
The image quality depends on the degree of resolution. Resolution is the
degree of detail that a scanner reproduces. Resolution is measured in dots
per inch, the higher the resolution the more detailed a scanned image will
If you are planning to buy a scanner, expect to pay $100.00 U.S. or a
little less for a decent one. Scanners are not considered to be a
necessity for the average computer user, but being that they are so
affordable, there nice to have around. 
If you are looking to buy a scanner I have found an excellent resource for
you. Please follow the link below:
from Hewlett Packard


Technical Information by V.Underwood

Microsoft's System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG) Windows 98:

In light of what happened in my note above, I feel it necessary to explain
about what the System Configuration Utility (SCU) is, and does.
The SCU is intended to be a troubleshooting utility. It has very little
use for the average Windows user as it is a very advanced and powerful
program. In Windows 95 there was the System Editor (SYSEDIT). The SCU is
leaps and bounds more useful than that. 
One very useful thing that most Windows users can perform is a "Clean
Boot". This will free up lots of system resources. I can obtain 99% free
resources at bootup by having only the essential programs running in
Windows 98. 90% - 99% is optimal.

For detailed instructions on how to perform a "Clean Boot" please follow
the link below:


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