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February 2004 Issue


Below, find our archived issue of the 5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter.


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5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter  

February 2004 Issue

Inside this issue:

1) Notes from the Editor
2) Industry News - High Definition Video
3) Helpful Websites
4) Tips and Tricks
5) How CD Burners Work
6) Digital Photography
7) Problems and Solutions
8) Contact Information/Unsubscribe

[1]  Notes from the Editor:
by Vince Underwood

Welcome to all new subscribers and welcome back to all of you loyal 5 Star Supporters!

If you find this publication helpful, then please consider making a small donation to help support it. Any and all donations are gratefully received and help to insure our Internet survival.

In an effort to increase the membership for the newsletter, I have teamed up with They have many newsletters that you can subscribe to. They have user reviews in many cases so that you can make an educated decision before subscribing to these lists. It is definitely worth the visit!

Available for free download are Adaware 6.0 and Spybot S & D.  Theses are great scanners that will rid your system of adware and spyware.

Missing a DLL file on your computer? No problem, you'll most likely find it here:

I would like to welcome all of the new volunteer technicians to the 5 Star team. These people come from all around the world to help those in need of computer assistance. You can read about these dedicated people here:

Now, just sit back and relax with your beverage of choice and enjoy your February 2004 issue!


[2] Industry News - High Definition Video

Accom(R) Products Play Integral Part in Look of HD Broadcast of Super Bowl
Friday January 30, 7:00 am ET

MENLO PARK, Calif., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- As Super Bowl XXXVIII gets underway on Sunday, February 1st, the largest television viewing audience will undoubtedly be wowed by the live High Definition (HD) production that will be broadcast on CBS. Accom, Inc. (ACMM.PK), a leading manufacturer of broadcast and professional video equipment is proud to announce that two of its products, the Abekas® Dveous®/MX Digital Video Effects (DVE) system, and the Abekas® 6000 DTV Video Production server will be used during this year's live broadcast from Reliant Stadium in Houston.

With the sales of HD television displays on the rise, and the increasing availability of HD programming, the transition from Standard Definition (SD) to HD television is in full swing. Accom is committed to this transition by offering products that are capable of working in HD as well as SD standards. Junaid Sheikh, Chairman and CEO of Accom said, "The broadcast of live sports in HD has been the primary driver for the increased sales of HDTV displays. Highly watched HD events like the Super Bowl accelerate the acceptance of HD by the consumers, hence, encouraging more broadcasters to gear up for HD. We are very proud that Dveous MX has in a very short period of time, become the defacto standard for effects machines in the HD world."


[4] Tips and Tricks:

<>Outlook Express:

If you would like to send an email with background music that will automatically play when opened, here's how:

1) Create a new email message.
2) Ensure that it is in HTML format by going to Format on the toolbar and selecting Rich Text (HTML).
3) Then select Format>> Background>> Sound
4) Use the Browse button to select the sound file you want to play in the background. 
5) Specify whether you want the sound file to be played continuously or a certain number of times. 
6) Click OK. 

Note: Be sure that the file size is not too large. Large files can take a great deal of time to download which can be very annoying to the recipient.


Windows XP:
Restore Missing Windows Update Link
Microsoft has made available to all Windows users, a web site that provides Updates to its Operating Systems. By default, a link is provided in the Start Menu. If for some reason you have removed this link or it has just mysteriously disappeared, then here is a simple method to recover this link to your Start Menu:

1) Here is the address to the Windows Update website: Windows Update
2) On the above link, point your mouse directly over the Windows Update link.
3) While holding your mouse over the link, left-click the link and keep the left button depressed.
4) While continuing to hold the left mouse button down, mouse over the Start Menu and wait a moment for the menu to expand.
5) Once the menu has expanded vertically, continue holding down the left mouse button and mouse over the "All Programs" button. The All Programs menu will also expand.
6) Once the All Programs menu has expanded, slide the mouse pointer up the programs menu until you have chosen a location within the menu for your link to reside (you should see a black horizontal line while you're moving your pointer around in the programs menu).
7) Once you've chosen the location for your link, remove your finger from the left-click button and the link will now pop into place.
8) You can right click the newly placed link and rename it "Windows Update" or just leave it as is.
9) Now, you can left click the link again and hold the left click button depressed while sliding the mouse pointer into the Start Menu area (you should again see a black horizontal line while you're moving your pointer around in the Start Menu).
10) Once you have chosen a location within the Start Menu for your link to reside, just lift your finger from the left-click button and again, the link will pop into place.

Congrats! You've just added the Windows Update URL to your Start Menu.


<> Windows 98:

You can configure your system to delete the temp files every time you reboot, here's how:

Go to Start> Run, type in msconfig then click OK.

Choose the Autoexec.bat tab

Select "NEW"

Add the following to the resulting text box:  del C:\Windows\Temp\*.tmp > nul

Exit saving your changes and reboot.


<> Windows NT:

What's running at system start?
A detailed list of all items running at startup can be obtained by your NT systems registry. Simply navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run sub-key and view the entries displayed. You can delete the ones you don't need, keep in mind that deleting the wrong thing could kill a software application. 


[5] How CD Burners Work:
By: How stuff works express

Information on the disc is represented by a series of 1s and 0s. In standard CDs, these 1s and 0s are represented by millions of tiny bumps and flat areas on the disc's shiny side.

The bumps and flats are arranged in a very long, continuous spiral path starting at the center of the disc. The CD player spins the disc while the laser pickup tracks the path of bumps and flats, converting them to a series of 1s and 0s. This digital information is converted to musical sounds by the machine's electronics.

Writeable CD drives, or "burners," also create patterns of 1s and 0s, but they do this without creating physical bumps and flats. The digital information is created through an ingenious process that uses a special dye. The disc is manufactured with a smooth reflective layer that rests on top of a layer of photosensitive dye. When the disc is blank, the dye is translucent, which means that light can pass through it. But when the dye layer is heated with a concentrated light of a particular frequency and intensity, it turns opaque. It darkens to the point that light can't pass through.

By selectively darkening particular points along the CD track and leaving other areas of the dye translucent, you can create a digital pattern that a standard CD player can read. The light from the player's laser beam will only bounce back to the sensor when the dye is left translucent (creating 1s), in the same way that it will only bounce back from the flat areas of a conventional CD. To "burn" a CD, the powerful "write laser" turns on and off in sync with the pattern of 1s and 0s from the source, such as an MP3 recording. CD-R (CD-Recordable) discs work in almost all CD players and CD-ROM drives and cost less than one dollar each.


[6]  Digital Photography:

Here are some basic tips to consider before you hit "Click." They are easy to learn, and every photo you take will benefit from your newfound expertise. Even a beginner can take professional-looking portraits that are suitable for framing.

<> Prepare for your shoot:
Schedule a quiet 30 minutes to take your pictures. Make sure you and your subject have eaten a light meal and are well-rested. Gather props and clothing, and prepare a background that is free from clutter.

<> Focus on having fun:
Loosen up and find humor. Often the best pictures occur when something silly happens behind the scenes. Then your subject laughs or gives a funny expression, which results in a masterpiece you can cherish for years to come.

<> Get closer:
Try to get within 2-4 feet of your subject. You want to have 90 percent person and 10 percent background in your picture. Get close even when it's uncomfortable. This is where you get the best photographs.

<> Cut the clutter:
Nothing ruins a photo like stray objects that detract from your composition. If there's a phone wire, an aluminum can, or anything else that isn't part of your picture's focus, then eliminate it.

<> Try a new angle:
Consider using a different angle. Get a little creative. Get down on the ground and look at your subject from a different perspective. Nobody is using a stopwatch, so take your time to find the best viewpoint.

<> Consider composition:
For an image to be successful and meaningful, it needs to be composed correctly. Do whatever you can to guide the gaze of the viewer toward your subject. And don't be afraid to experiment! If your subject isn't in the best position, have them move around until you achieve the best composition.

<> Find the right lighting:
Turn off your flash. Using a flash destroys your pictures and gives faces a harsh and unnatural look, like deer caught in the headlights. To get a more flattering tone and higher quality, use natural light. Have your subject sit sideways next to a window or door reflecting the bright midday sun.indirect light makes soft and beautiful pictures. It also makes one side of your subject's face light and the other shadowed, which creates strong emotion and mood.

<> Take more pictures:
Most of us are frugal when it comes to taking pictures. But with a digital camera, you can simply delete the pictures you don't like, so snap away! Fill the entire picture card with one subject. You are sure to find a few pictures that will thrill you.


[7] Problems and Solutions:
Generated from 5 Star Support email support

<> Problem: Q#W3-13338  PC Shutdown:
When I had Windows 98 and I shut down my computer it would shut down automatically. I since upgraded my OS to Windows XP and when I shut down it says it is safe to shutdown and I have to manually press the on/off button to turn my PC off. Is there something in Windows XP I have to change to correct this shutdown problem.

<> Solution:

Load control panel
Click on Performance and Maintenance
Click on Power options
Click on the APM tab on top
Check mark the spot that is to enable APM support


<> Problem:

How to get rid of Trojan startpage virus

<> Solution:

I was unable to get rid of it because the file was always in use and could not be deleted. I did  run safe mode and try again but it also said was in use. I was able to delete it by booting to a win98 se start disk and make my way to the c:\windows\system32 directory and deleting the msconffd.dll file in dos. After that I dumped all prior restore dates and made a new restore as of today and turned on restore. Thanks for the help.


<> Problem:

Q#W3-13607 Files being copied from System32 to root directory

<> Solution:

By trial and error, I discovered the problem. I had recently installed Norton System Works and neglected to uninstall AVG anti virus. Apparently there was a conflict causing the copying of these files. I uninstalled AVG yesterday morning and there has been no further copying.


<> Problem:

Q#S1-13659: Unable to print from Internet Explorer or Outlook Express.  Have tried everything I could find on MS Knowledge Base to no avail.  Tried two different printers.  Able to print from other programs.  Error messagein Outlook Express reads:
"Msimn has caused an error in HPFWIN13.DLL"

<> Solution:

Uninstalled all printers.  Went to HP support and downloaded new software and driver and then installed them for main printer.  I didn't think it would work but it sure did.  Thank you very much.


<> Problem:

Q#W1-13651 FDISK/Partition:

I got a free cheap computer and am trying to format it to run windows 98se.
When I go to format it, it says "no partition, go to FDISK to make partition. I then go to FDISK, " and I get only "No valid FDISK available"
I then try to run fdisk from another program I got, and get a message that it is the wrong DOS set-up.
All I want to do is wipe everything off the old hard drive and run windows 98se on this computer.
Now, My question is, How do I do this? Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.   Doug.

-Additional information:

Ive tried different hard drives in this computer, and I have the same problem with ALL of them.


Tried Fdisk with windows 98 and windows me startup disk
Tried partitioning with freeware partition programs. (couldn't make heads or tails out of them).

<> Solution:

I've had many responses to my problem about fdisk/partition, however none was the right answer. I found out that the previous owner had the hard drive not set up in the bios. I have NEVER had so many people at least try to help me like they do at 5-star. Please accept my donation and keep up the GREAT work, and a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you!!


<> Problem:

Q#W2-13683 Outlook Express knocks computer off line:
I can be on-line all day, but as soon as I open Outlook Express, it knocks me off the internet within 30 to 60 seconds.  I have to write any mail off-line and then access the internet, send the mail and be disconnected.  This started about 5 days ago.  Do not know what could have caused this.

<> Solution:

Open OE and go to Tools, Options, Connection Tab.  Check the box labeled:  Ask Before Switching**** and uncheck the box labeled:  Hang up****. Click Apply, OK and restart the computer.


<> Problem:

S1-13749 Outlook 2000:

Two days ago I switched to Outlook 2000 and I have received and sent emails with no problems.... but today (and please don't laugh) I've lost the send/receive button.  I create emails but there's NO send/receive facility. It was there yesterday - what can have happened?  I have gone into customize commands and I can see every button in the world - except a button for send/receive.  Am I the only person this has happened to?


I've spent a couple of hours looking through the Microsoft Outlook 2000 website but all the sites simply assume that the send/receive button is "there".
About a donation:  how do people do this?

<> Solution:

I figured out the problem myself..... when I looked in Tools Options Mail, I found that my connection details had disappeared for some reason.  I spoke to a friend who told me that Outlook 2000 is more "tricky" than Outlook Express and is more responsive to anti-virus software. Sure enough, I re-entered my mail details and the Send/Receive button reappeared. But I've since changed my mail default back to Outlook Express (which I liked, but it doesn't have a calendar with it). So Outlook Express is what I'll stay with. 


Help not used, but I'm very pleased to have found your site!


<> Problem:

QW1-13709  Continuously open port:

Tried to use my telephone and couldn't get a dial tone.  Computer is OFF. I unplugged the modem from phone jack and I was able to use my telephone.  Next time used computer, couldn't access internet, said port was already open


I checked for conflicts in devices,-none. uninstalled/reinstalled modem,no help. purchased new modem,same problem. checked programs running at start up,nothing unusual. I do not have fax, or a Lexmark printer.

<> Solution:

found solution through Microsoft Knowledge Base--End Task on Rnaapp, found that in key registry, Internet Explorer somehow was loading at start up along with 'telling' the modem to dial.  Changed string in regedit to 'N' and problem resolved. (other than finding out how that happened). Thank you for your time and efforts...


<> Problem:

I put a picture about 5 square cm on my desktop and I can not get rid of it

<> Solution:

In windows up.
1) Right click on the desktop
2) properties>> desktop>> customize desktop>> web
3) untick box "my current homepage"
4) Click OK and Exit


<> Problem:

Cannot open attachments in Outlook Express.

<> Solution:

Scott and VIPR suggested that my Security tab which related to opening attachments had been checked somehow and all I had to do was uncheck it.  (Tools --> Options -->Security --> Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened …) Cool, it worked.  and Barry offered to help me re-install Windows.  I was very impressed with the response and happy that it solved my problem.


You can't improve perfection!


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