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September 2000 Issue


Below, find our archived issue of the 5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter.


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5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter  

Hello subscribers,

This newsletter has been created for you, the computer user. If there is something that you would enjoy learning about, please do not hesitate to ask. We will put together a tutorial about the subject and share it with everyone.
We hope that you will find this issue both helpful and informative!


In this issue:

1. Notes from the editor (new tech - tech info - design changes...etc).
2. Web Authoring (FrontPage 2000)
3. Computing Basics (General Terms)
4. Top Freeware Picks
5. This Months Peripheral (The Scanner Part 2)
6. Technical Information (Modem Troubleshooter & Recover from lockup)
7. Problems / Solutions

Notes from the editor:
By V. Underwood

I would like to welcome Matt Jobson aboard as our first volunteer tech. Matt has already responded to a few emails from guests. Matt brings a lot of knowledge on most supported items at 5 Star Support. His strongest points are Virus Removal, Trojan detection and hardware issues.
For right now, it's just you and me Matt <grin>. We can handle it! Welcome aboard!

What's new at 5 Star Support:
We have been busy with the site and have added a few new pages.

1. A beginner's guide to surfing
2. Internet Explorer Information
3. Virus Information
4. Computer Support Desk (forum) [As of October 2000 this feature was deleted]
5. FrontPage Help Center (forum) [As of October 2000 this feature was deleted]
6. Search Page
7. Windows 95/98 Technical Information page 2
Access the search page at the bottom right of all pages. This is a search engine that will search 5 Star Support. 

We will be adding to the Technical Information frequently. We hope to build a very extensive self-help section. Feel free to submit technical information. If I use it, I will give you credit for it. I promise! :-) Use the "ADD TECH INFO" at the bottom of each page of the web site.

We have been changing the look of the web site, not big changes, but little subtle ones. If you find something that you just don't like, please shoot me an email and let me know. If it's something you really like, I'd like to hear about that too.

Also, a very talented web designer, Linda Browne (LB), has become a moderator at the "FrontPage Help Center". Right now I bet she feels like the Maytag repair man. There isn't much going on there yet. Thank you Linda for helping out! Check out her web site at it's very impressive indeed!

Thank you for subscribing to 5 Star Support's monthly newsletter! 


Vince Underwood
5 Star Support


Web Authoring (FrontPage 2000)
by J. Burt

In order to build a web site, it is easiest to use an HTML editor. Some of the editors are as difficult to learn as learning HTML itself. A good rule of thumb is, the least amount of HTML you actually have to insert into an editor, the least useful the editor. It is always necessary to have a good working knowledge of HTML when designing web pages. Designing web pages writing your own HTML is by far the best due to having complete control over the design, but it takes much longer to write your own rather than just using a quality editor. Take the time to get familiar with HTML. It will pay off later!

In this article we are going to look at a very popular editor, FrontPage by Microsoft. This editor has come a very long way with the release of FP 2000. The HTML is much cleaner and is a very useful editor. 

FrontPage 2000 can be purchased for around $140.00 US and comes with Microsoft's Image Composer. I know many folks that are using this software and they seem to like it a lot. I know that FP 98 had a lot of troubles, but a lot of the bugs seem to have been worked out with this new release. 


Computing Basics
by M. Kronisch

General Terms:

Hardware = The physical components of the computer.

Software = Information which is used to control the hardware. 

Program = A collection of instructions which the computer can implement. 

Data = Information in the form which the computer uses. 

MHz or Megahertz = Speed at which the various components of the computer works. One hertz is equal to one cycle per second. Mega = million. 

Byte = One computer word of information; equal to 8 bits. Bits are single digits when grouped into 8 digits, equal one computer word. 

Kb or Kilobyte = 1024 bytes of information or 1024 times 8. 

Mb or Megabyte = One million bytes of information. 

Msec or Millisecond = One thousandth of a second. 

µSec or Microsecond = One millionth of a second. 

Nsec or Nanosecond = One 1/1000th of a Microsecond. 

File = A program or collection of data residing on a permanent storage medium. 


Top Freeware Picks
by T. Underwood

A freeware that is very useful is "Startup Cop". If you are experiencing slow boots or low system resources, then try this helpful little utility. It works much like "MSCONFIG" (Microsoft Configuration Utility). It disables startup programs (not remove) so that they will not load at boot-up. This is more handy to the Windows 95 user that does not have the benefit of "MSCONFIG". 

Get Startup Cop (529k) from: ftp://zdft 


If you want to perform an audit of the hardware and software listed on your computer, try this freeware program. It is simple to install and you will have a complete audit in minutes after download.
It works with All Windows. Download it here: 
Download Belarc Advisor


More Space 99 - Over 400,000 cumulative downloads and counting! Designed for Windows '95/98/NT, More Space will help you free up valuable hard disk space by locating duplicate files, old obsolete files and file/folder hogs. 

Quickly identifies duplicates across drives 
Identifies large file hogs 
Unique Safe Harbor feature - much harder to accidentally delete needed files 
Folder Hogs 
Search sub-directories now 
Delete files, Zip up files or Send them to the recycle bin 
Plenty of statistics 
Peek inside of binary EXE files 

Download "More space 99" here:


Disk Editor is a full-function freeware disk viewer and editor with support for screen display printing. It offers an easy-to-navigate DOS shell with cascading pop-up help screens, basic mouse support, and function-key macros for common operations. Written entirely in assembler and launched from the DOS command line with an impressive set of option switches, this utility lets you view and edit the contents of any 12- or 16-bit FAT disk drive. Use it to test disk sectors, cross-linked file pointers, and related file clusters or to browse and edit file size, date, time, and attributes. Disk Editor is well documented and includes handy cleanup routines for restoring the command-line cursor and disabling an errant mouse pointer. Those comfortable tinkering with raw file data will find plenty to like in this freebie. Reviewed on Jun 16 1998.

Download "Disk Editor" here:


This Months Peripheral (The Scanner part 2)
by L. Ferguson

For those of you that have never used a scanner before. I have found a very useful website to get you started. Please follow the link below:

At the same site as list above is scanning 101. This is a good step by step tutorial to help make scanning a little clearer.

For prices on some popular scanners, please follow the link below:
Scanner How-TOs and Tips
Scanner Help Directory

Technical Information
by V. Underwood


If you're having trouble connecting to the Internet with your modem, try running the Windows Modem Troubleshooter utility first. It's definitely worth a try even though it addresses only a handful of the most common problems. The Troubleshooter just might have the fix you need to get back online. To access the Modem Troubleshooter, go to "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel", and select 
"Modems". Click the Diagnostics tab and then the Help button. Modem 
Troubleshooter will launch in an Internet Explorer browser window (this is accessed from your hard drive and not the Internet). 

Assuming you're frozen, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open the Close Program dialog box. Select the task that caused the problem (it should say "not responding" in parentheses) and click the End Task button. 
After a few seconds, an End Task dialog box will appear, explaining that the program is not responding. Click End Task again, and with any luck, Windows will close just that program. 

(Note: If pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete does absolutely nothing, or if 
trying to end a task results in a total lockup, it's time to reboot.) 


Question# 1008 Boot up problem

Windows 98 SE

A new screen has begun interposing itself into the initial part of the boot-up process. The screen is titled "Startup Menu," and offers a choice of six modes in which to start the computer. A default mode, "Normal," is highlighted, and if I take no action--choosing another one of the six modes offered--after 60 seconds the boot-up defaults to its regular sequence.

I can shorten this by pressing ENTER, whereupon, the sequence resumes at once.

I have been unable to find how and/or where to get the boot-up back to normal. 
Reinstalling W98 doesn't affect things.


I think you are referring to the MS startup menu where you can select 
safemode, normal and so on. If that is the case it might have got turned on 
in the registry somehow. Go to "start," "run" and type in "msconfig" 
(w/o the quotes). Click on the advanced button and see if there is a check in the 
box "enable startup menu" and if so then remove it and click "OK," click 
"OK" again and reboot.

5 Star Support
Volunteer Tech


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