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How Domain Name Servers (DNS) Work

When you type in in to your web browser, it directs you to the 5 Star Support web site, right? Sure, but what most people don't realize is there are a lot of transparent things going on behind the scenes that create this seemingly simple function. This system has three major components:

  1. Client (your computer)
  2. Name Server (the company that is hosting the domain on the Internet)
  3. Domain (

So, here's how it all works; The Client computer types in a domain name ( in to the web browser such as Internet Explorer. The web browser reads the domain name in its numerical form, known as an IP (Internet Protocol) Address. As an example, the correct IP address for is To continue, the web browser sends a request to the Name Server asking to display the IP address. The Name Server then searches its database for that particular IP address. If it is found, it will allow the web browser to display the domain. If the IP address is not found within its database, an error will be displayed on your computers screen. All of this occurs in just a split second!

Below is a visual aide that may help to better understand this process:

DNS Diagram




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