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Burning with Nero


This is a basic tutorial that provides instruction on copying a CD.  If you are looking for any other information about Nero, then please visit their Web Site.  They offer great online support for their product.

Start Nero by double-clicking on the Nero icon on your desktop, or by clicking on the the Start Menu>Program>Nero Burning-Rom.

The Nero Wizard is activated by default in Nero, which means it will be automatically displayed when starting the Nero program. This Wizard is a program that will guide you in copying your first CD with Nero.

Copy a CD

Insert a blank CD in your recorder and click on the Copy a CD option and on the Next button.

The following windows will open.

Select the source drive

If you wish to make an ?n-the-Fly copy" (i.e. data are copied directly from your CD/DVD-ROM drive to your recorder without being saved first on the hard-disk), please select your CD/DVD-ROM as the source drive. Select also the ?n-the-Fly copy" method by checking the Fast Copy option.

Note: if you are copying a game CD, it is recommended not to choose the ?n-the-Fly copy" method. The best results will be obtained by doing a copy from recorder to recorder (i.e. data are first saved on your hard-disk and twill be written afterwards onto the blank CD).

Therefore, please select your recorder as source drive to copy such CDs. By clicking on Next, you will then access to the last Nero Wizard Window. Select the Test and Burn option (Nero will first make a simulation of the burn process and if successful, it will start burning the CD).

Finally, you can select the Write Speed.

Test and Burn

Do not forget to insert the original CD in your CD/DVD-ROM drive. Start the burn process by clicking on the Burn button. All of the selected steps will now be carried out in sequence including the burn process. So that you can follow exactly what it is happening. As a last step, you will see a message like ?urn process was successful".

The CD will be ejected in the end.

Note: Unless you own the copyright or have permission to copy from the copyright owner, you may be violating national or international copyright laws and be subject to payment of damages and other remedies, if you make copies of your CD's.



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