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How to save Outlook Express e-mail messages for easy PC to PC transfer.

By: John Morales
5 Star Support

In order to Backup e-mail messages from Outlook Express, follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Click on the “TOOLS” tab and select “OPTIONS”.
  2. Click the “MAINTENANCE” Tab.
  3. There you will Click the “STORE FOLDER” button.
  4. Then you will highlight the Folder Location which is something like: C:\Documents and Settings\Default\Application Data\Identities\{EDE5BBC0-2249-11D4-A8IE-9D30865EF03D}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.
  5. Right click and Select Copy or press (CTRL+C) to copy the location of the folder.
  6. Click the Cancel button and Cancel again to close ALL boxes.
  7. Now you’re going to Click START > Select Run and position the curser on the open box. Right click and PASTE or press (CTRL+V) to paste the e-mail location and click OK.
  8. Now, you have a Window containing your e-mail database. ( E-mails are saved in .dbx file format).
  9. Click EDIT and SELECT ALL. Click EDIT again and Select COPY and close the Window.
  10. Click Start >All programs >Accessories> and Select Windows Explorer to open the Windows Explorer Window.
  11. On the top of the page click FILE >Select NEW> Select FOLDER.
  12. A highlighted new folder will appear on the right hand side (New Folder). You can rename that folder. Type the name of the new folder and press ENTER on your keyboard.
  13. Open that Folder by Double clicking it. On top of the page Click the EDIT menu and Select PASTE and close the Window.
  14. You now have your email messages saved (Backed up). You can write them to a CD-RW to transfer them to another pc.
  15. Open Windows Explorer and make a new folder on your hard disk. Once that is done, you can then begin to copy the files from the CD-RW to the New Folder.
  16. Close all open Windows and Open Outlook Express>Select File> Import> Messages> Microsoft Outlook Express Version(5 or 6) and Click Next.
  17. Select “IMPORT MAIL FROM OE (5 or 6 depending on your version) STORE DIRECTORY”. And Click OK.
  18. Browse to the previously created folder and Click Next. Now, you can proceed to copy the files from the CD-RW to the Hard Disk.
  19. Open Windows Explorer > Open the previously copied files folder > Select all files.
  20. Select Files> Properties.
  21. Click the box that will open and make sure the Read Only is without a check mark.
  22. Click OK and open Outlook Express . Import your messages.





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