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Spyware Alert Spy Axe Removal Instructions

There is yet another piece of rogue Spyware on the Web called Spy Axe. Spy Axe is another problematical piece of software masquerading as a Spyware removal program. It is, in fact, Spyware itself. It can be quite difficult to remove. The program is similar to Spyware Quake and Spyware Stormer discussed elsewhere here on 5 Star Support. It will be easy to tell if you have this problem in your computer as it continually sends up pop-up balloons from your tool tray alerting you to a host of non-existent problems.

Spy Axe is one of many false AntiSpyware programs that have surfaced over the past months on the Internet. These kinds of programs are designed to take advantage of people who are afraid of Spyware getting into their computer, but know little about the subject. There are currently well over a hundred of these highly suspect programs on the Internet at this moment. For a full list of the programs to avoid, I suggest you may want to visit here:

<>Removal Tools Needed:

1. smitRem.exe
*Spybot Search and Destroy
*Ewido AntiMalware Scan

* online update is required

Using the supplied links (above), download and update all of the required programs to your Desktop. Be sure that you update each of them (if applicable) before starting on the next. Please do not use any of the programs at this point. Download and update...that's all!

Note: If you've already installed any of the listed programs on your computer, be sure that you have the latest version installed.

<>Start Using The Removal Tools:


  1. Find SmitRem on your desktop and double-click the file. Then, click Start to extract the files to its own folder.
  2. Boot your computer into SafeMode, here's how:

    Reboot your system. Once you hear a single beep during the startup process, begin tapping the F8 key on your keyboard repeatedly until you receive an onscreen menu. Select option #1 which should be SafeMode.
  3. Once in SafeMode, open the SmitRem folder on your desktop
  4. Double click the RunThis.bat file. The program will now start.
  5. Follow the onscreen prompts

    Once the program has completed, it will create a log named: smitfiles.txt and will be located in the root directory of your hard drive (usually C:\). A qualified expert may need to see the contents of this file at a later time.

SpyBot Search and Destroy:

  1. While still in SafeMode, find the SpyBot S&D program that you've downloaded and updated earlier.
  2. Run SpyBot and let it fix any problems that it may find.

Note: If you need instructions for using SpyBot S&D, you will find a tutorial Here

  1. Once the problems are fixed, close SpyBot S&D.

Ewido Security Suite:

  1. While still in SafeMode, find Ewido that you've downloaded and updated earlier on your desktop.
  2. Run ewido and let it fix any problems that it may find.

Note: If you need instructions for using Ewido, you will find them Here

  1. Once Ewido has finished, please be sure to save the log file in case a qualified expert would like to view it.
  2. Exit Ewido and reboot your computer back to Normal Mode.

<>Gaining Control of your Wallpaper:

If the Spy Axe program has changed your Wallpaper, follow these instructions for changing it:

  1. Right click an empty area of your Desktop
  2. Select Properties
  3. In the Display Properties window, click the Desktop tab
  4. Then, click the Customize Desktop button
  5. In the Desktop Items window, click the Web tab
  6. Uncheck Security Info (if present).

You should now have control over your Wallpaper again, change it to what-ever you'd like.

Note: If you are still having trouble with your computer system after performing the above steps, please visit our Free Computer Help forums and seek the help of our Security Experts. Be sure to tell them all that you have done so far.

In Closing:

Please remember that you can avoid problems of this kind by having the proper security software installed in your computer. You should keep your Windows Operating System updated at all times by visiting Windows Update every month.

The updates and patches are scheduled for release on the second Tuesday of every month. You should also, in my opinion, be running good, reliable third party software to protect you as well. At the very minimum, you should have a Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti Adware and Anti-Spyware, and automatic protection from unwanted programs from installing themselves (Win Patrol is a good example of this). You can find all the information you need on these kinds of programs right here on 5 Star Support.

Until we meet again here at 5 Star Support.





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