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How to use Spybot Search and Destroy

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Click on the link below to download Spybot Search + Destroy:

Click on the Download Now button:

Download Now

Depending which browser you use you'll be asked where to place the download, the desktop is best as it will be easier to find.
When the download is complete you'll have the Spybot icon on your desktop:

SpyBot Icon

Double left click to install.

You'll see a series of screens requiring certain prompts during the installation:

Click OK

Full Installation

Every thing else you can click Next/Install.

When installation is complete you'll see the screen below:

Run SpyBot

Click finish to start using the program:

You can place a tick in the "Don't show this again" box if you wish, then click Next

Click OK

There then follows some pretty straight forward prompts:

Create Registry Backup

Immunize this system

Start using SpyBot

When you've finished setting up the program you need to check for the latest updates:

Search for updates

When Spybot has detected new definitions etc you need to place a tick in the boxes next to them:

Download Updates

Then click the Download Updates button.

When they are successfully downloaded,


You need to Immunize your system so click the Immunize shield, you'll then see a window telling you how many more immunizations are available, click OK and click the Immunize button:


You are now set to have Spybot scan your system to do this click the Check for problems button:

Check for problems

The system scan takes a while so please be patient, if it finds anything it will mark it for removal and the Fix Selected Problems button will be highlighted.

Click "Fix Selected Problems" for the removal to take place.

Fix selected problems

There may be times when Spybot can't remove items at that time, it will ask for permission to run the next time you start your PC. This will enable Spybot to attempt removal before the offender has started running.





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