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Spyware Stormer Removal Instructions

Posted 04/18/06

by Dave
5 Star Support Security Specialist

Spyware Stormer is a program that masquerades as a Spyware remover program while in reality it is another piece if insidious malware. There are many links to this program available in just about every search engine. The creators of the program also have a web page designed to look just like Microsoft’s main page. The web page is located at , but you don’t want to go there. Why If you type in a hurry and don’t watch the screen all the time, replacing the s with a d is a common typing error. When you get to, you get a pop-up window indicating you have Spyware on your machine, but clicking on the button will download a free scan to remove the Spyware from your computer. In reality, clicking the button downloads and installs Spyware Stormer.

Spyware Stormer is just another new Spyware program designed to steal your information, and be extremely difficult to remove. Similar recent programs are Spyware Quake and Spy Axe. All have one thing in common. Instead of being Spyware removal programs, they are instead Spyware programs themselves. They have file and information stealing capabilities as well as dial home capabilities so your data can be transmitted to the creators of the program. Installing any of these programs will give you a host of pop-ups and other problems, and all are very difficult to remove from your computer.

The amazing, to me anyway, thing about Spyware Stormer is the number of links on search engines to the program. There are even cleverly designed links that indicate the Web page listed gives information on how to remove the program, while in reality the site you are taken to just loads you up with more Spyware and more incorrect information. Clicking on these links to visit these pages will merely complicate your problems and make the situation worse. Some of the links to avoid are listed here:

To put this whole subject in proper perspective for you, there are easily over 100 Spyware programs currently available that are highly suspect, do not do what they say, or are Spyware themselves. The creators of these programs are in it just for the money, and pray on the unsuspecting who are afraid of getting Spyware on their computers in the first place. There is a great listing of these ”programs to avoid” available here:

I suggest you visit this site before you make a decision on what program to use to be sure it is not listed there. If you want a good Anti-Spyware program, you might also wish to check the article reviewing the readily available programs right here on 5 Star Support by going here:

Spyware Stormer Removal Instructions:

If you already have Spyware Stormer on your computer, I suggest the following as removal steps:
  1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Add and Remove Programs | and look for Spyware Stormer. Click to uninstall the program.
  2. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard and open the task manager.
  3. Click on the Processes tab.
  4. Find and highlight SpywareStormer.exe and click the ‘End Process’ button.
  5. Click | Start | Search | For Files and Folders… | and type in: Program Files\Security iGuard, or manually search the program files yourself for this folder.
  6. Delete the folder as it contains the installer for the program and can reinstall it on a reboot.
  7. Shut down and then restart your computer.

Hopefully you are now rid of Spyware Stormer for good. If you are still having troubles, I suggest you visit our Free Computer Help Forums and seek the advice of our Security Experts. Please inform them of the steps that you have already taken.




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