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How to use Symantec Online Scan

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Links to various online Anti-Virus scans can be found here.

Most will only run in Internet Explorer, though Trend will run in Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.

Which ever one you choose to use there are certain things you need to do to allow it to scan your PC.

If you are running XP and have SP2 installed Internet Explorer will automatically block a pop-up, you'll need to allow this pop-up.

Symantec Online Scan

Right click on the message and choose the first option
This will allow a window to open where you'll be prompted to click Start

Security Check

You'll now need to allow an active X control to be installed on your PC

Axtive X

Right click on the message and choose the first option

Install Active X

Windows will then warn you and ask what you'd like to do, Click Install

Install Symantec Scan

When it's completed installing, the scan will commence

Scan Computer

Please be patient, this can take a while.
At the end you'll be given a report detailing what has been removed/cleaned/healed if any.

Scan Results

Note: An on-line scan is not a suitable substitute for having an Anti-Virus program installed





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