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What is a rootkit?

A rootkit is a nasty form of malware that installs certain tools on to a victims computer that are designed to mask their presence by disabling installed programs designed to identify them. Rootkits are usually installed through a system vulnerability or if the user is not using a "strong" password, the password can be cracked and then the hacker will have administrative level access to the computer. Once the hacker has gained access to your computer, there are many types of rootkit tools that can be installed. One of the most dangerous is the "keylogger". This is a tool that will log the keystrokes of the user and send this information directly to the hackers server. If your keystrokes have been logged and sent while you have accessed your bank account, you can rest assured that your bank account password has been compromised.

How can I identify that I have a rootkit installed?

If your system is acting abnormally, then you should always run your anti-spyware and anti-virus software to detect any possible infections. If your installed software will not work, you can be pretty certain that you have a problem and the problem is likely a rootkit. At this point, the need for specialized removal software is going to be needed. Most users are going to need the help of qualified individuals that can guide you through the process of removing this nasty from your system. Even if you only suspect you have something wrong with your system, it is best to ask our experts for their advice rather than to risk the compromise of your personal information.

How can I remove a rootkit from my system?

Here at 5 Star Support, we have many people that are experts in the field of virus removal. They help many people with these problems on a daily basis. Once the infection has been identified and removed, our experts can instruct users how to avoid future infections. This is a free service to the Internet community and always has been. Just simply register at our forums and post the problems you are having in our Spyware/Malware forum located in our "Computer Security" section. To access the 5 Star Support Forums, click the link below:

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