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Working With Zipped Files

The most common file format that people download on the Internet is the .ZIP format. Zipping is the act of packaging a set of files into a single file or archive that is called a zip file. Usually, the files in a zip file are compressed so that they take up less space in storage or take less time to send to someone.

Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, it must be unzipped or decompressed in order for you to use the files that are attached to the zip file. The most common program used to unzip the file is WinZip. If WinZip resides on your computer, double-clicking on the zip file will activate the WinZip program.

If you would like to check to see if you have WinZip already downloaded, here's how:

Go to Start>> Programs. WinZip will be here in Programs.

WinZip in Program Files

If you do not have WinZip loaded on your system, you can download a free evaluation copy here:

To unzip a file using WinZip:

Note: When downloading a zip file, many people prefer to download and unzip directly to their desktop so that the files can be very easily found and the cleanup is just as easy.

1. Double click the downloaded zip file to start WinZip.

2. Click the Extract button within WinZip.

3. Select a location for your files.

4. Once the files are extracted, they are now unzipped or decompressed.

5. When you are through working with these files, be sure to delete the ones that you will not need.





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